271:just having some fun

January 5th, 2013

DSC_0733For Xmas Scott bought me a Hujoo Freya (junkyspot).  I had seen a box made for a doll on a blog (Biscuit House). I bought a suit case from Ben’s to use for it.  I glued in a copy of a Paris Map and added trim.



This is Freya (I named her Praline).  I did her face-up and made all the clothes from vintage hankies and trims.  There are ribbons added so she is tied in (and she has a pillow).  I also made her a bird and ball of yarn for toys.



I wanted it to look vintage and pastel colored.  I have had so much fun with this project.  I an now trying to crochet a dress for her.  I am not using a pattern so we will see how well it turns out LOL.


Lesley Riley is starting a new book project and I will be submitting some art work for consideration.  No guarantees for acceptance but hey, I gotta try right ;0)


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