thistles, pansies and birthdays

July 31st, 2008


These are called “globe thistles”.  This flower/plant is just a bit taller than I am and I am 5′ 8″, so yes..they grow very big.  My husband is baffled why I have a lot of these in my yard and garden, so here are my reasons: they are pretty, the bees love them and bees are good (can you see the bees on the left pictures? Every time I was trying to get a shot of them they would move to the other side–very camera shy. LOL), they are easy to grow, the deer don’t like them, and the birds love the seeds.  In front of my kitchen window where I do dishes (by hand) is a big patch, when it is fall/winter the finches will do all sorts of funny acrobatics to eat the seeds right in front of me–very fun to watch.


These pansies are “volunteers”.  This phrase cracks my best friend up.  I have only planted these once and now years later they keep coming back.  It is neat to see all the color variations that appear.  Some I leave in the rocks or veggie patches, some I replant in other places.  My danish Grandfather loved pansies so when ever I see them I think of him–I suppose that is why I have a soft spot for him?  Do you have any flowers that remind you of someone??

Birthdays–I turned 49 (!?) on the 29thof this month.  July is always a stressful month for me.  I can ignore the dysfunctionin my family most of the time but when it comes to holidays then I am forced (!?) to deal with it.  This year my dad has forgotten my birthday, sigh.  He only has 2 children so there is really no excuse (and there is along list of other slights).  I don’t think his emotional distance has effected me much until I don’t hear from him and then I feel the rejection and hurt all over again.  I did have a good dinner with kids and husband–we went out for Thai food (oh so very yummy), Noel bought me (with his own money–he was VERY proud of himself) a big box of really good truffles (I am saving those for mommy quiet reading times), Max, Mimi and Scott bought me lots of batik fabric (I have a weakness for batiks) and my darling honey bought me a tattoo gift certif.  He says this is the last one–so he figured that he better bless it since he knew I had my heart set on it.  This one is to be a phoenix.  Ii is a  sign of death, rebirth and renewal (my role as a mother/homeschooler is coming to an end in a few years and I will embark on a new “career”, my daily walk with Christ (I am daily crucified with Christ and His renewing work on my mind and heart), and my continued healing of my past.) 

My daughter’s birthday is on the 30th and this day went much better…I took her on a surprise trip to the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art .  It was a very fun trip…the museum is next to the Bellevue library and she was most puzzled that I would take her to the library for her birthday.  We spent 3 hours there and could of stayed longer but we were getting hungry.  If you live in the area and like dolls I would highly recommend it.  The off to do lunch and some shopping with her birthday money.  Then home to have dinner with Grandpa and Grandma H and family.  She had a very good day and it was good to concentrate on making her day special (and  I had a good time too ;0)   


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  1. Jeanetteon 01 Aug 2008 at 7:29 am

    Ohhh I often see those flowers and wondered what they were called. I heart them too =o)

    Yep…I’m a batik slut too!

    Happiest belated birthday!!
    hugs to you

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