51st post: (Mutant) Teddy bear picnic

August 26th, 2008


Yes it is true–what you see is a 2 headed teddy bear.  I got the idea one day looking at a magazine and my poor my-optic eyes thought it was a 2 headed bear.  My thought was, “hey, cool!”  But, upon putting my glasses I realized that I had seen it wrong–but what the heck–I can make my own right???



The rabbit is  my attempt at a pattern variation–I am thinking an elephant would be good too.


My plan is to get my butt in gear someday and make up the pattern to sell.  But in the mean time–they sit in my studio and keep me company.


On a personal note:  our rat is till wobbling around.  Some days are good and some days are bad–I just can’t seem to decide the quality of life for a rat.  She “seems” to not be in pain.  So we let her be, the kids handle her carefully (and we check often to see if she has “passed” in the night.) 

My cold is gone–yippee!  Fall is here and the squash and cucs are in abundance.  I started my blackberry cordial last week so it will be ready to give as gifts for Christmas.  We went to the Evergreen State Fair (in Monroe) this last weekend.  Max got a second for is picture (he was disgusted with that), Mimi got a first for hers, Scott’s quilt got a second (something about the binding–it will be in a book this fall), and my Dutch Touch doll, Cyril, got a “runner up” Judges choice award/ribbon as well as a first ribbon…just goes to show that it is the “pretty” dolls that get the most attention.   

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  1. Elaineon 26 Aug 2008 at 11:55 am

    Oh, Miss Mabel you do make me smile!!!! – Congrats on the awards for all and I need to get over there and take a peak at the ‘pretty’ doll and the quilt!

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