61: old bat

September 26th, 2008

     Here is my next doll to be done.  The head again is molded on a plastic Halloween skull.  She was going to be a Sphynx but I kept envisioning a doll with bat wings.  I could “see” how I was going to do the wings so this is her armature.  She will be aprox 18 inches tall..I want to do her with grey hair (hence, old bat) and am picturing a torn/worn wedding gown (I have a wonderful vintage table cloth that is in a rough state that will be perfect for this.)  I am thinking about doing her feet like she is suspended in the air–this is really a bold step for me because I think bare feet are hard–but hey, I can either cut them off (ewww) or make boots (LOL). 

Gypsy doll is now on her way to Houston for the quilt market.  Lessons learned:

1)When a doll is to be sent, make is as SMALL as possible!!  Shipping is EXSPENSIVE!!!!

2)UPS does a better job at packing an doll than me and even if it costs, when they package it they guarantee it.

3)Think 2x about entering a challenge that you really don’t have a good vision for (this means that no matter how much your Dh gives you the puppy eyes and the “good idea/it will be lots of fun” talk  go with your gut and say a polite “no”.)

4)Did I mention that shipping is expensive?  Now factor in that you have to pay return on that too, ARGH!!!

I am considering when to post pics of her…should I wait till she is at the show, when she is back or now (it is too late for anyone to copy my interpretation)?  If anyone is in Houston for the Quilt Market/Show let me know because I would LOVE to have pictures!!!!

Next; I got my newest tattoo and will post pics (and an explanation) when I get a chance….it is the Phoenix that I had mentioned in an earlier post.   

Now, onto sad things…our beloved cat (of approx 15 years) has gone AOL for almost a week.  I suspect that she has gone to that big cat box in the sky (she was VERY loyal so we don’t suspect that she left us).  On Tues. when Noel was driving to youth group the kids watched a neighbor cat get hit by a truck (the driver just drove off, grrrrrrrrrr)…very yucky. We all cried lots.  And a lady that I work with had her house burn down while they were taking their oldest son to college–looks like the house is pretty much destroyed.    

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  1. Jeanetteon 11 Oct 2008 at 4:55 pm

    Sorry to hear about your puddy….sad.
    I can’t wait to see your new tattoo!
    Happy belated ann!!!

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