63: Dreary in Pink

October 9th, 2008


Here is Agnes, in 2 outfits that I made.  The first is made with some fabric that Scott gave me for Christmas..can’t remember the line (if you want to know, contact me and I can ask him..it might be Micheal Miller?!).  It has little skulls with scissors on it—he bought it for me in 3 different color ways, very fun stuff.  The one next to that is some stripped fabric that I found somewhere knowing that it would be a good fabric to have in my stash (who does not like black and white stripe???)  I cut the skull out of another fabric and sewed it on..there are 3 layers of vintage lace and she has a big silk bow in the back.  The outfits that you can buy from Tonner are very cool but…VERY expensive so I made my own.  I bought her purely as a personal indulgence.  So between big projects I use her as a way of relaxing but staying creative.

Yesterday the 8th of Oct, Scott and went out for our 19th anniversary.  We spent a fun day in Duvall, Wa.  Went to the doll store and then off to the Quilting store (Scott is going to teach a class there…the sign-up is already FULL!!!).  We of course went to the used book store and found some awesome books, I found a back issue of “The Studio” (#14) for $1.50 (it has the original inserts/collage sheets), and the out of print book, The Way of the Doll by Cassandra Light for $6.00.  Whahoo!!!   I have been interested in buying this book for years.  It is about doll making and inner healing, a subject that I have deep interest.   Scott found some treasures too, one being a VERY old book of Dickens (whom he adores) and an old Kaffee Fassett book..ahhh, books are our favorites and weakness ;0)  Then off to dinner.  It was a lovely place called the Grange (sorry they don’t have a website) but they served all locally produced food only.  It was relaxing and tasty—I had chicken curry (it has golden raisins in it–different that how I make it) and Scott had a big yummy burger…so big in fact that he had to eat it with a knife and fork.   Nineteen years is a long time (at least in my book) and sometimes it was rough..we took a lot of childhood baggage into the marriage with us but I guess we are both too stubbornto give up LOL.  I think we are better at seeing our relationship heading  into the “touchy” zone and stopping it before it gets to far along.  (I tried to write something here about marriage and time etc and it all came out sounding sappy, like a bad Hallmark card, so I will stop here with saying that it is work but it is very  very good  and I can’t imagine not being married to him ;0)   

2 Responses to “63: Dreary in Pink”

  1. Elaineon 09 Oct 2008 at 8:22 pm

    Anges is pretty in pink – I think that’s probably the same book store the Ben & I used to go to – Duvall is a fun little town – You and Scott are a great couple!!!! Happy 19th!

  2. Bethon 18 Oct 2008 at 10:29 am

    Happy 19th, Linda & Scott!
    Agnes (and Viktor) lives at my house too. http://www.designsbyjude.net has some great, well-fitting clothing patterns for them. The “Perfect Pleats” dress is especially “Agnes-y” done in more somber colors. She is a great muse. :o)

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