150: Crowns again….and one hat for good measure ;0)

March 21st, 2010

Below  are 3 fairy crowns I made with a “spring” theme in mind–I used vintage flowers and trims (again).  The wires are to make it look like antenna, they are on my Sd Dollstown Yeondu (aka Lula).  I will be posting these too on my etsy site for sale—$15.00 plus $3.00 postage. 

crown 2.1   crown 2.2      crown 2.3 

This is a top hat that I made simply to see if I could do it…it is out of wool felt and actually was fairly easy once you got the head size right.  I think my SoulDoll Killian (aka Adsel) looks very hansom in it ;0). 

top hat

63: Dreary in Pink

October 9th, 2008


Here is Agnes, in 2 outfits that I made.  The first is made with some fabric that Scott gave me for Christmas..can’t remember the line (if you want to know, contact me and I can ask him..it might be Micheal Miller?!).  It has little skulls with scissors on it—he bought it for me in 3 different color ways, very fun stuff.  The one next to that is some stripped fabric that I found somewhere knowing that it would be a good fabric to have in my stash (who does not like black and white stripe???)  I cut the skull out of another fabric and sewed it on..there are 3 layers of vintage lace and she has a big silk bow in the back.  The outfits that you can buy from Tonner are very cool but…VERY expensive so I made my own.  I bought her purely as a personal indulgence.  So between big projects I use her as a way of relaxing but staying creative.

Yesterday the 8th of Oct, Scott and went out for our 19th anniversary.  We spent a fun day in Duvall, Wa.  Went to the doll store and then off to the Quilting store (Scott is going to teach a class there…the sign-up is already FULL!!!).  We of course went to the used book store and found some awesome books, I found a back issue of “The Studio” (#14) for $1.50 (it has the original inserts/collage sheets), and the out of print book, The Way of the Doll by Cassandra Light for $6.00.  Whahoo!!!   I have been interested in buying this book for years.  It is about doll making and inner healing, a subject that I have deep interest.   Scott found some treasures too, one being a VERY old book of Dickens (whom he adores) and an old Kaffee Fassett book..ahhh, books are our favorites and weakness ;0)  Then off to dinner.  It was a lovely place called the Grange (sorry they don’t have a website) but they served all locally produced food only.  It was relaxing and tasty—I had chicken curry (it has golden raisins in it–different that how I make it) and Scott had a big yummy burger…so big in fact that he had to eat it with a knife and fork.   Nineteen years is a long time (at least in my book) and sometimes it was rough..we took a lot of childhood baggage into the marriage with us but I guess we are both too stubbornto give up LOL.  I think we are better at seeing our relationship heading  into the “touchy” zone and stopping it before it gets to far along.  (I tried to write something here about marriage and time etc and it all came out sounding sappy, like a bad Hallmark card, so I will stop here with saying that it is work but it is very  very good  and I can’t imagine not being married to him ;0)   

51st post: (Mutant) Teddy bear picnic

August 26th, 2008


Yes it is true–what you see is a 2 headed teddy bear.  I got the idea one day looking at a magazine and my poor my-optic eyes thought it was a 2 headed bear.  My thought was, “hey, cool!”  But, upon putting my glasses I realized that I had seen it wrong–but what the heck–I can make my own right???



The rabbit is  my attempt at a pattern variation–I am thinking an elephant would be good too.


My plan is to get my butt in gear someday and make up the pattern to sell.  But in the mean time–they sit in my studio and keep me company.


On a personal note:  our rat is till wobbling around.  Some days are good and some days are bad–I just can’t seem to decide the quality of life for a rat.  She “seems” to not be in pain.  So we let her be, the kids handle her carefully (and we check often to see if she has “passed” in the night.) 

My cold is gone–yippee!  Fall is here and the squash and cucs are in abundance.  I started my blackberry cordial last week so it will be ready to give as gifts for Christmas.  We went to the Evergreen State Fair (in Monroe) this last weekend.  Max got a second for is picture (he was disgusted with that), Mimi got a first for hers, Scott’s quilt got a second (something about the binding–it will be in a book this fall), and my Dutch Touch doll, Cyril, got a “runner up” Judges choice award/ribbon as well as a first ribbon…just goes to show that it is the “pretty” dolls that get the most attention.   

Surprise Money

August 5th, 2008

Yesterday was warm-mid 80’s (finally-we’ve had rain for the last week and temps in the upper 60’s to low 70’s, ARGH!!!).  I tootled out to the mailbox hoping my issue of Mary Jane’s farm was there (it seems to be VERY late in coming, hmmmmmmm).  No magazine, but what I did find was better ;0)  It was a check for $100 from Art Doll Quarterly–payment for printing pictures of my cat doll. Whoopee!!!!  Scott has now informed me that I am now a “professional”…I have sold my dolls and art before but he seems to think that this adds extra stature to my resume LOL.  Does this mean I have to act like a professional?  What does that look like??  Should I buy a “Hillary Clinton” pant suit LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thistles, pansies and birthdays

July 31st, 2008


These are called “globe thistles”.  This flower/plant is just a bit taller than I am and I am 5′ 8″, so yes..they grow very big.  My husband is baffled why I have a lot of these in my yard and garden, so here are my reasons: they are pretty, the bees love them and bees are good (can you see the bees on the left pictures? Every time I was trying to get a shot of them they would move to the other side–very camera shy. LOL), they are easy to grow, the deer don’t like them, and the birds love the seeds.  In front of my kitchen window where I do dishes (by hand) is a big patch, when it is fall/winter the finches will do all sorts of funny acrobatics to eat the seeds right in front of me–very fun to watch.


These pansies are “volunteers”.  This phrase cracks my best friend up.  I have only planted these once and now years later they keep coming back.  It is neat to see all the color variations that appear.  Some I leave in the rocks or veggie patches, some I replant in other places.  My danish Grandfather loved pansies so when ever I see them I think of him–I suppose that is why I have a soft spot for him?  Do you have any flowers that remind you of someone??

Birthdays–I turned 49 (!?) on the 29thof this month.  July is always a stressful month for me.  I can ignore the dysfunctionin my family most of the time but when it comes to holidays then I am forced (!?) to deal with it.  This year my dad has forgotten my birthday, sigh.  He only has 2 children so there is really no excuse (and there is along list of other slights).  I don’t think his emotional distance has effected me much until I don’t hear from him and then I feel the rejection and hurt all over again.  I did have a good dinner with kids and husband–we went out for Thai food (oh so very yummy), Noel bought me (with his own money–he was VERY proud of himself) a big box of really good truffles (I am saving those for mommy quiet reading times), Max, Mimi and Scott bought me lots of batik fabric (I have a weakness for batiks) and my darling honey bought me a tattoo gift certif.  He says this is the last one–so he figured that he better bless it since he knew I had my heart set on it.  This one is to be a phoenix.  Ii is a  sign of death, rebirth and renewal (my role as a mother/homeschooler is coming to an end in a few years and I will embark on a new “career”, my daily walk with Christ (I am daily crucified with Christ and His renewing work on my mind and heart), and my continued healing of my past.) 

My daughter’s birthday is on the 30th and this day went much better…I took her on a surprise trip to the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art .  It was a very fun trip…the museum is next to the Bellevue library and she was most puzzled that I would take her to the library for her birthday.  We spent 3 hours there and could of stayed longer but we were getting hungry.  If you live in the area and like dolls I would highly recommend it.  The off to do lunch and some shopping with her birthday money.  Then home to have dinner with Grandpa and Grandma H and family.  She had a very good day and it was good to concentrate on making her day special (and  I had a good time too ;0)   


I am so happy

July 2nd, 2008

I sent my “Deer/Dear Doll” to Editor of Art Doll Quarterly (don’t do like I did dear reader and wait till the last minute to send something in..it cost me $26 to send it Fed Ex, just so it would make it in time for the winter issue–I just about fainted when Scott told me!!!). I then emailed her to tell her that according to UPS it had arrived. Below is her response:

“Got it! She’s even more lovely in person.


Fool doll was in the Summer issue, Cat doll will be in the fall 2008 issue, Dear/Dear doll will be in the Winter 2008 issue and Staci is interested in my Chicken doll for the spring 2009 issue (I am actaully hopng she makes it on the cover!) That is a whole year of ADQ.

Is this bragging? When I told my kids–they were unenthuised. Noel said “Geez, Mom it was exciting the first time you were in a magazine, but now it is getting old. You’ve been in about a gazillion times,” (and this kid is my math whiz???? Gazillion?! That’s not even a number!) Sigh.